About CMSA Northeastern Regional Coalition

CMSA Northern Regional Coalition Award

In March 2020, as a result of increased limitations and restrictions secondary to the Global Pandemic, CMSA Chapters began seeking ways to continue to provide education, collaboration and networking opportunities for its' members; sponsors and speakers as well as in providing outreach to making new connections, and increasing membership growth. This collaboration resulted in concentrating efforts on holding Virtual Webinars. And with a need to balance financial resources along with decreased sponsorship monies, the financial impact on case managers and group memberships, the Chapters gradually began holding conversations together, regarding collaborating to pool resources.

Through collective efforts, six (6) CMSA Chapters came together to form the Northern Coalition representing the Chapters of NYC, Central New Jersey, Mid-Atlantic, Long Island, Hudson Valley and the Capital Region.

CMSA Northern Regional CoalitionAs a result, the Coalition was recognized in June 2021 by CMSA, with the "Use of Technology Award" at the Virtual CMSA Annual Conference.
The collaboration of the CMSA Chapters continues through 2022 to provide virtual programs to both CMSA Members and NonMembers alike. The Coalition is happy to announce the group has recently expanded to (7) CMSA Chapters n 2022, with the added inclusion of the Pittsburgh Chapter. We are also now known as the CMSA Northeastern Regional Coalition.

Thru assistance from the Long Island Chapter over the last few months the Coalition as a collective group has moved to a new event platform and website (cmsanerc.org) to offer programs related to the Coalition, which will help to reduce chapter expenditures and increase registration and oversight convenience for all Chapter leadership members.

CMSA Northern Regional Coalition Award

In, Working with Each Other and for Each Other, the Chapters together have learned a lot along the way in the development and processes, and have developed even stronger Chapter relationships and collaboration we are happy to share.

In June 2022, the Coalition was again recognized by CMSA with the "Use of Technology Award" for their continued growth, success and development in the technological advancement space when serving the Members needs in a very challenging time and environment.

The Coalition has and has plans to expand in several ways across the digital divide. The mission for the Coalition is to continue to grow in the direction the members need to find success in advancing their membership strength in numbers and diverse knowledge base to be develop themselves to be their best in what they do every day.


2022 CMSA Northeastern Regional Coalition Members

  • New York Capital Region Case Management Society
  • CMSA of Central New Jersey
  • CMSA Long Island
  • Hudson Valley CMSA
  • Mid-Atlantic Chapter CMSA
  • Pittsburgh Regional CMSA Chapter
  • Case Management Society of New England