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New York Capital Region Case Management Society

About Us
The New York Capital Region Case Management Society (NYCRCMS) was formed in July 2011 by a dynamic group of individuals committed to promoting the Case Management profession and to support the devoted Case Managers in the Capital Region.

Margaret “Peggy” Leonard was our chapters founding President.

NYCRCMS continues to advocate for the practice of Case Management and to meet the evolving needs of our Case Manager Professionals. We strive to provide exceptional education and networking opportunities to enhance personal and professional growth.

Chapter Contact Information

  • President-Sherrie Catapano
  • Vice President-Charlene Schlude
  • Treasurer-Cheryl Mannion
  • Secretary-Dawn Cooke

  • Board Members
  • Deb Repice
  • Amy Hochmuth
  • Tenley Klouse
  • Heather Mihocko
  • Karen Brooks

Visit us at www.nycrcms.org

Email: nycrcms@gmail.com


CMSA of Central New Jersey

Chapter Contact Information

  • President-Pat Detwiler
  • Immediate Past-President-Pat Agius
  • Executive Director-Maria Chornobroff
  • Treasurer-Jose Santoro

Visit us at www.cmsacentralnj.org

Email: maria.cmsanj@gmail.com

CMSA Long Island

About Us
CMSA Long Island is your gateway to learning and networking. Members of CMSA Long Island have access to a wealth of information through resources, education, and other health care professionals. Discover the value of CMSALI by joining today!

We are a multidisciplinary network of healthcare professionals who work in the specialized practice of case management. As the official chapter for Long Island, New York, our members perform case management for a diverse spectrum of employers such as hospitals, insurance companies, skilled nursing facilities, home health care providers, allied healthcare professionals, licensed social workers, vendors, workman’s comp, and as independent practitioners.

Chapter Contact Information

Visit us at www.cmsali.org
Email: info@cmsali.org

  • President-Shelly Samuels
  • President-Elect-Donna Raye-Sullivan

Hudson Valley Chapter of CMSA

Chapter Contact Information

  • CoPresident-Christina Coons
  • CoPresident-Diane Lantz
  • Vice President-Sheilah McGlone

Visit us at www.hvcmsa.org

Email: hvcmsa@gmail.com

Mid-Atlantic Chapter CMSA

Chapter Contact Information

  • President-Pat Agius
  • Vice President/President Elect-Mary Detweiler
  • Treasurer-Donna Applegate

Visit us at www.cmsaphilly.org

Email: president@cmsaphilly.org


About Us
We sponsor membership meetings with educational presentations and networking opportunities. These meetings enable our members to make new friends and have fun, while growing both professionally and personally.

Our Chapter’s mission is to support the advancement of case management and promote the growth and development of our members through education and networking opportunities.

Chapter Contact Information

Visit us at www.cmsa-nyc.org
Email: info@cmsa-nyc.org

  • President-Laura Ostrowsky
  • Vice President-Toresha Peterson
  • Treasurer-Jose Santoro
  • Executive Director-Sheila Kolt

Pittsburgh Regional CMSA Chapter

About Us
The Pittsburgh Regional Chapter of the Case Management Society of America (CMSA) is a local chapter of a national organization for case managers. CMSA provides standards to address the important foundational knowledge, skills, and competencies, for the professional case manager.

The CMSA Pittsburgh Chapter is dedicated to enhancing the professional development and networking for our members, which include nurses and social workers. We have virtual, face to face dinner meetings, and other outings.The Pittsburgh Chapter of CMSA, is the proud recipient of the CMSA Phoenix Award for 2020!

Chapter Contact Information

Visit us at www.cmsapittsburgh.com
Email: cmsaregional@gmail.com

  • President-Michelle Kaminsky
  • Vice President-Deanna Hanna
  • Treasurer/Secretary/Membership-Karen Rothamel
CMSA Pittsburgh

Case Management Society of New England (CMSNE)

About Us
The Case Management Society of New England (CMSNE), is the New England Chapter of the Case Management Society of America (CMSA), a multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary network of healthcare professionals working in the specialized practice of Case Management. Our Chapter members hail from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Founded in 1989 by Sandra Lowery, the New England chapter, preceded the creation of CMSA, of which Sandra was also a founding member. CMSNE has been the proud winner of multiple CMSA Chapter Excellence awards over the years.

Chapter Contact Information

Visit us at To learn more about our chapter visit www.cmsne.org
Email at: cmsne@cmsne.org

  • President: Nancy Benoit
  • Immediate Past President: Doug Cushman
  • Treasurer: Mary McClintock
  • Executive Director: Maureen Ferguson (cmsne@comcast.net)